We reach 48,000,000 in 14 states in many states you can change your vote

23 min readOct 1, 2020

We are working to help people who voted early and regret their vote for Biden and Democrats to learn how to change their votes

AppSame Inc. is a 14 yr. old minority owed political marketing company that owns 5 companies that run YouTube and Podcast channels that reach over 130,000,000 Americans, along with and advertising firm that sells ads to some of the largest companies worldwide.

We have developed our own software called CAPDAR that allows approved access to our subscribers YouTube, Podcast, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email accounts so we can post private or public messages to them in mass. Our software scans all user posts using an advanced keyword search tool, that compiles peoples likes and dislikes so we can run ads or messages tailored to each person.

We have spent the past 8 weeks tweaking our algorithms to capture voters opinions and have used our 1000 person call centers to run polls in 12 states to understand voters wants and needs and who they feel is best to run the country, what we found out in over 52% feel Trump is best but they fear voting for him and over 23% may not vote this year. We can help them come out to vote or stay home.

We would like to assist in helping President Trump and the GOP win Nov 3rd, based on our method of getting voters out across states we can help all GOP candidates local, state, federal.

Please know we haven’t worked for any candidate since 2012 nor have we been paid by anyone, we are privately funded, though we are asking for payment to help the President, GOP Senators and Congresspeople it is at a cost of 5% of what our revenues would be over the next 40 days. We have spent $300,000 doing extensive polling an outreach and will lose over $3,000,000 is sales helping Trump/GOP win, we are proud to do this.

This election comes down to four things.

#1. Getting Trump/GOP voters out in mass (This the President can do) we can get the dawdlers out

#2. Getting Independents to either vote Trump or stay home (We can help do this)

#3. Keep 8% of Hillary 2016 Democrats from voting (We know how to do this)


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