Trump 2016 VS Trump 2020

2 min readSep 23, 2020

Same great man, different campaign team HUGE Mistake

In 2016 we worked on the sidelines, bringing out voters for now President Trump, we were paid by third party groups NOT RUSSIANS and he won, this time things are different a bulk of the third party groups fear being exposed to BLM/Democrat harassment, we were afraid to open our networks, not over BLM/Democrats but over Romney Republicans, in 2012 we worked to elect Mitt we were promised $600,000, never got paid and tons of data was taken and used to try and build an application like ours (They failed).

We have reached out to the Trump campaign recently after spending $300,000 running our own in-depth polls and redesigning our software to reach our 48,000,000 adults in 14 states across our subsidiaries Podcast/YouTube channels, we reach out and communicate with everyone via their social media accounts, emails and cell phones effectively bypassing all standard SM BS.

The fun, smart, wanting to win Trump team is gone now, today it’s the Romney group, staunch, stale, arrogant (You know the type) people who don’t think, they do the same old same old, if they win they are all heroes, if they lose its someone else's fault.

Trump has 40 days to win to win and win huge, the Electoral College and the popular vote, and he can do it he just needs a little help quickly. Hopefully he knows he has a problem.

Mr. President we love you and know you can win, we’ve sent your team a 35 page proposal one that makes sure you win, we hope you read it and work with us to win.


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