The Government Won't Listen

4 min readMar 28, 2022

Millions may Die Because they don't Care

For over a year, the CIA, members of the Senate Intel, the White House and the New York Times, Washington Post have been contacted, and no one listens.

If this was a personal problem, it might get some news attention if the problem was about a hole in the street or a mean dog in the neighborhood, but this is about national security. When someone reaches out to help a SPY who is willing damn begging to help stop WW3, you'd think our Government would jump and work with them to save lives.

The Biden administration seems to be more focused on making Biden look strong as a natural leader instead of going behind the curtain to stop a nuclear war; now, this can't be true, right? It appears to be very accurate; they don't care; they want war, one that they think they can control and win. The problem with that is the other side Russia has been isolated and abused over the past 60 years and, over the past six years, made to appear to be the devil incarnated, a story that literally makes no sense if Russia can't sell a war before it begins and fight a war to win how are they the devil?

Once upon a time, this is how all good stories begin, a high ranking FSB officer and minor fugitive met at an event for a politician;

Both are married, both have kids, but something clicked, and they became lovers. Over 14 years, these two fell in love. As the criminal made a ton of money helping other criminals move items around the globe and the FSB officer climbed the ranks to be very close to the inner circle of Putin, they had to be careful how they met and how they showed their love; it had to be very private.

Covid19 throws a glitch into their plans; they had planned to tell their families and find a quiet place to live together; this never happened. Then the election of Joe Biden, someone the Kremlin wanted a quote from Barack Obama to Putin "Little Joey, that's what we call him is a child playing to be a big man." Now Putin wanted Ukraine back, and he wanted terrible, but he was winning with spies on the ground. Then came the Big Guy and his NATO talk repeatedly; this was a real threat to Russia; now Biden had just spectacularly lost Afghanistan. He needed a win, so the White House thought they could push Putin into a minor…




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