Could the CIA be Putin’s Puppet

3 min readMar 24, 2022

CIA director, Putin talk Russian military buildup near Ukraine: report

This is a story of truth and the lies of government, a year ago, the CIA was written to tell them that a person inside Russia’s top ranks was a man who wanted to warn them about what was going on inside Putin’s inner circle. These messages were sent by a man the FSB officer had fallen in love with none of the messages were ever replied to.

When the American government does not listen to anyone, but itself, very bad things happen, and today we are seeing this take place in Ukraine, and we may soon see it here in America. Is this the New World Order, or is this just another 9/11 type government? We may never know the answer to that.

In 2006 two men met at a fundraising party for a politician both come from different backgrounds, both are married and love their families in life they couldn’t be any different. But they fell in love and would sneak away every few weeks to a hotel, neither had ever done this before, these two men began a 14-year relationship in secret, one because of his government where being gay is a crime, the other because of the love of his family.

Today, due to the pandemic, these two haven’t seen each other in a few years, but they chat using a dating application daily. During the Trump administration, the FSB officer saw troubling things going on with Putin; he was becoming more erratic, more dangerous he would get angry at the drop of a hat. So the FSB officer feared for Russia and the world and started chatting about this with his lover. He asked that his lover contact the CIA and warn them not much detail at first, he was afraid, now he is giving much more information, including the plan to send a nuclear weapon to Washington DC. His lover, a criminal, remembered this was afraid to explain in detail out of the fear he would be arrested, but out of love and respect, he began to tell the story to the CIA Tipline look it up on their webpage. Not one message was replied to not even a question was asked to confirm anything they were written. This is troubling no one in the CIA cared, so the criminal contacted the FBI even spoke to one agent, an arrogant SOB who refused to pass anything along, he next started writing Marco Rubio even called his office again no…


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